Mayramar Agency, custom made for you !!!!!

Because we specialize in custom services, where you design your own package according to your interests, preferences and budget: Tourist bundles all inclusive or selecting services like Hotels, meals, tours, transfers, and entertainment, or whatever you choose, you just have to bring the desire to enjoy your time.

 We have also options to other regions of the country and abroad, because we count on the best national tourism providers and international services. All of them certified business, and we help you choose the best option for your dream vacations.

Thanks to all the people and business who trust us, choose us  and recommend us day by day.


mayramar1 Positioning at national level as a prestigious regional tourism operator, trip and receptive touristic events organizer at the region, with a personalized service and specialized in private services, where the quality, the safety and the environment are a fundamental part in this process, this as a whole with the selection of the best providers of all the services that tourism involves .  


mayramar2 To be leaders on the national market of touristic services of Coquimbo, to specialize in groups, tours of studies, and tourist private bundles. Our vision is to be recognized as the best operator of touristic services of Region de Coquimbo, supporting a service based on the quality, and continued improvement of products and services, a tourism of special interests and services deprived to any destination inside the region.