We are a tourism family business, attended by their owners. The name Mayramar consists of the initials of our names, Mayte, Rafael and Martina, and also has a double connotation that ends in "mar" (the sea), due to the love we have for it. Our logo was selected after a lot of search in bibliographical libraries and regional museums until finding something that represented our preferences and our roots. The original logo is rock art in San Pedro de Quiles, a place that is located in the Provinces of LimarĂ­ and Choapa, near Punitaqui and Ovalle. Once elected, it was refined by a designer, which was able to capture the essence of what we wanted, something that could identify us and in addition, regional oriented. We know every corner of our region; we bet work with new routes, both innovator and alternative to the traditional ones, we are in constant work to increase our offer because the demand has requested it spontaneously, thanks to the quality of the given service. This is why we want to share with everyone who visit the region our beautiful places: natural, cultural attractions, reservations, monuments, history, geography, etc., offering a sustainable tourism, so that our children can see it too.   From now on, you are totally invited to discover our Region, we will organize your trip, offering you a personalized and responsible service. You choose the services and we worry about the details so that your trip will be unforgettable. We have also agreements with the best hotels and gastronomic establishments of the region at really surprising prices.