Mayramar welcomes you to the beautiful region of Coquimbo, a region of contrasts : ocean, valley and mountain chains. Mayramar is a regional tour operator & travel agency, who was born in 2005, with the aim to promote the attractiveness of La Serena and its surroundings. Today the offer has increased to all the region, in addition to some national and international destinations. The idea of two young professionals of the fourth region with professional studies of public relations, tourist administration and bachelor's degree in tourism, decided to take a bet for their dream. Now, they have added various improvement studies in the area of tourism, leadership and entrepreneurship. This, joined with their experience, makes their main objective to give the best service, because for them tourism is not only profit, but deliver a quality service. That's why they have worked in the Touristic Quality Management System to achieve on November 2011 the Tour Operator Certification established in NCh 3067. Of 2007, which gives the Touristic Quality Seal. Mayramar has specialized in the Region of Coquimbo, where over the years they had worked to increase and improve the offer, integrating to the traditional tours, new special interests tours, all based on the quality and sustainable tourism. Plus, nowadays, the offer has increased in our beautiful Region, where day by day we are working to innovate in new destinies and options. In 2010, Mayramar also gained a Business Capital Semilla to add new routes. Also during 2010, we started selling national and international trips, which are operated by Chilean best majorities, which also have the Quality Seal and great experience. Mayramar welcomes you and invites you to meet us.